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When ordering medicine online, you should be very careful not to fall prey of bogus pharmacies. You should rely on known online pharmacies like Pharm Net. Unscrupulous merchants whose main aim is to make quick bucks from unsuspecting people have infiltrated the internet. In addition, utmost care should be taken when ordering such drugs since fake ones could put your health in danger. To cushion yourself against fraud when ordering prescriptions online, you should observe several things. First, it is advisable not to order prescriptions online from companies whose contact information is not known. Many online companies do not give their contact information and this leaves many questions unanswered.

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First of all, what this implies is that they want to remain anonymous for reasons best known to them. Secondly, they are not willing to take any questions from customers who may call later seeking for clarifications about some drugs they ordered from them. This means that if the sold you fake drugs, you will no one to forward your complaint to. PharmNet-Rx contacts are clearly displayed on their webpage. Other online pharmacies rely on call centers to communicate with their clients. This is not a bad idea but the bottom line is that they are still anonymous as far as their clients are concerned. Not unless someone whom you trust has referred you to such a pharmacy, it is advisable to be cautious when ordering your prescriptions online from them. The reason for this is that such pharmacies can wind up their services overnight and relocate to other places that are unknown to you. Therefore, you will have no one to complain to in case the medicine you ordered from them turns out to be fake. Some trusted online pharmacies do outsource their customer services. Just be on the lookout for the fraudulent ones. Again, an online pharmacy, which does not have a physical address should be avoided. As stated earlier, the only reason such a pharmacy would want to remain anonymous is for the wrong reasons.

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They may be avoiding incidents of clients storming their offices with complaints or worse. You should desist from buying your prescriptions online from such companies if you can. PharmNet has a physical address. Do not rely on information about online pharmacies from unsolicited email messages commonly referred to as SPAM. There is a very high probability that such a message is coming from a bogus online pharmacy. This is a trick that they use to seduce and con people, since they know very well that their activities are not exposed to the public. You should not buy your prescriptions online for such pharmacies. Banner sites and all the sites associated with them should also be avoided. This is because such sites rely on paid adverts whose authenticity is hard to verify. Bogus online pharmacies can use such sites to peddle lies .Without proper scrutiny, many people can fall victims of such schemes. Most online pharmacies whose activities are shady will always display a limited number of products. In most cases, they range from 50 to 100 products .This is a very suspect move, since ideally, it is not logical to waste a whole webpage to display such a small number of products. Our Pharmacy offers over 1500 prescription drugs, all of which are FDA approved.

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