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30 Tablets$48.74
60 Tablets$90.54
90 Tablets$132.33
120 Tablets$174.13
180 Tablets$257.72
270 Tablets$383.31
360 Tablets$510.59

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30 Tablets$35.34
60 Tablets$63.73
90 Tablets$92.11
120 Tablets$120.50
180 Tablets$177.28
270 Tablets$262.44
360 Tablets$347.60
These are self-pay prices and do not take into account any discounts or insurance coverage that you may have. Actual prices are calculated at the time your prescription is processed.
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Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance: Report
Meanwhile, about 27.5 million people (8.5% of the population) lacked health insurance for all of 2018, up from 7.9% in 2017, which was the first increase since the Affordable Care Act took full effect in 2014.

Prosthetic Leg Senses Touch, Reduces Phantom Pain
European scientists say they've developed a technology that restores natural feeling and improves walking in patients who've had a lower leg amputation.

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