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Scheduling an appointment, sitting around waiting to be seen to and then being charged an extortionate fee for even the most basic of prescription pet medications can be the unfortunate reality of visiting your local veterinary surgeon. It's worth it for the sake of your beloved pet, no doubt, but there's no denying that it can be both pricey and untimely. With this in mind, having the opportunity to safely and securely purchase your pet's prescription online is a welcome one, and certainly something that all animal enthusiasts and owners will want to explore further.

Easy Online Ordering

Buying your pet's prescriptions online through a site such as PharmNet is simpler than most people would envisage. Unlike with other online services, there's no need for you to fill out form after form in order to get what you need when you need it. All you have to do is set up an account using the site's email faculty or phone line, and then place an order for the product you wish to buy - which will be processed on the spot, right there and then.

Before the prescribed medicines can be dispatched, though, you'll need to get your assigned vet to fax through your prescription, or alternatively, you can mail it yourself. When you've done this, you'll find your pet's healthcare needs being addressed in no time at all - seeing as though all of the medicines you've bought should reach you within a couple of days. It's this feeling of convenience and speed that makes online pet prescriptions so attractive to many customers - and the advantages don't end here.

Discount Pet Meds

It's also good to be aware of the many discounts on offer when it comes to shopping over the net for your pet prescription. You could save up to 50% on medications like Atopica, Fortekor and Drontal worming tablets when you buy online - a huge plus seeing as though veterinary practices can demand huge fees for the same treatments. More often than not, the products you receive will be totally identical, so why pay extra unnecessarily?

Quality Pet Prescriptions

If you're still not quite sure about the idea, you can be rest assured that the quality of the medicines you buy will be of a high standard, as all items bought via the Internet must concord with US legislation, and then receive a license before they can be marketed. In addition to this, government organizations such as the Veterinary Medicines Directorate regulate all drugs sold and ensure only medications of the highest quality that will help your pet maintain a high level of health are used in each and every product.

All of these services are accessible around the clock - meaning online pet pharmacies such as are ideal for animal owners with busy lifestyles, who simply don't have the time nor money to visit the vets and fish out huge sums of money for something as minor as flea spray. This is exactly why the fast-track approach offered when buying medications online is so handy: it's your own interests and those of your pet that are treated as the number one priorities, nothing else.

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